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Why Hiring a Plumber Is Better Than Going the DIY Route

Plumbers are professionals that perform detailed installation and repair work on the likes of pipes and home fixtures. They will use their expert knowledge and various plumber tools to bend and repair pipes, stop leaks, and clear blockages. There are numerous kinds of specialized tools and materials which are considered essential to their jobs, such as tapes, pliers, ratchets, pipe cutters, glue, closet augers, plungers, and plumber’s snakes.

Pipes and fixtures which are installed in a new home will require plumbers to use various different plumbing tools. They will bend these fixtures using specially designed tools and pliers in order to fit them in a given space, such in a wall or beneath a sink. They will then treat these joints using either plumber’s tape, putty or glue in order to prevent leaks, and secures pieces using a monkey wrench or a big ratchet. They will often use smaller handheld wrenches and screwdrivers that will help to fit drain covers and faucets in place.

Professionals that specialize in repair jobs will use various tools to clear drains and pipes. When the likes of a sink, toilet or bathtub are blocked, they will first try a plunger to loosen the blockage. When this is not effective, they will then try a plumbers’ snake or a closet auger. A plumber’s snake is a long metal cable which is pushed deep into pipes to break up blockages.

Some plumbers will specialize in laying and fitting big pressurized steam and water pipes that are used in manufacturing and electricity plants, sewers and municipal water systems. These professionals will often use shovels in order to dig trenches, metal cutters and benders to shape the large pipes and large wrenches that will secure joints together. Pipelayers and pipefitters will sometimes weld pieces together and pour cement to retain pipes in foundations.

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